Salvadoran Legislators authorize funds for the Pacific Airport’s first stage

By Karla Ramos  |  Jun 23rd, 2022
El Salvdor Pacific Airport
El Salvador’s Pacific Airport.

The Salvadoran Legislative Assembly approved a reform to the 2022 Budget to incorporate $12 million into the Public Works and Transportation branch (MOP) to execute the first stage of the Pacific Airport; during the June 21st Legislative Plenary Session.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the funds added to the budget come from the surplus of tax collection and funds collected on tax evasion cases.

The project for the construction and operation of the airport is of vital importance for the government’s objectives as the eastern part of the country’s economic and social development will be boosted.” Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya.

The initiative for the changes was presented by
Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya presented the initiative to the Legislative body and was introduced for a vote with a procedure waiver. 66 of the 84 legislators voted in favor of the motion.

Deputy Claudia Ortiz of the political party VAMOS stated that she had voted against the changes because it was not discussed in the corresponding commission.

It would have been ideal if it went to committee and be able to ask the minister the right questions to have more information about that project. There are many questions about this project, especially on environmental issues.” Deputy Claudia Ortiz.

Deputy Numan Salgado of GANA, from the department of San Miguel in eastern El Salvador, stated his approval of the project.

With this, stage one of the construction of the Pacific Airport will begin. It will not remain just promises. President Nayib Bukele will make it a reality. I feel committed to any work that promotes the development of the country.” Deputy Numan Salgado.

According to deputies of the New Ideas political party, the airport will contribute to the economic and social development of the eastern zone of El Salvador.

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) is the authority in charge of the execution of the project; however, they are able to delegate functions to Public Works (MOP) to guarantee the start-up of the future airport.