Salvadoran Legislators approve funding for phases 2 and 3 of Bukele’s territorial control plan

By Karla Ramos  |  Wednesday, May 12th, 2021
Salvadoran deputies
Salvadoran Legislators

Yesterday, May 11, the Legislative Assembly approved the financing for phases two and three of President Bukele’s security plan known as the “Territorial Control Plan.” The previous legislature did not approve funding for these phases.

With 75 votes out of 84, the new legislature approved a loan for $91 million with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). Phase two aims to work in the 262 municipalities with different social welfare programs, especially young people.

Furthermore, with 72 votes, the parliamentarians also approved the financing for phase three, $109 million. Phase three, called Modernization, is committed to the modernization of the police forces; also, the modernization of tactical and operational teams to confront terrorist and criminal organizations.

“With the financing approved by the New Assembly for the Territorial Control Plan, we will guarantee more days without homicides,” wrote deputy Alexia Rivas in response to a message from president Bukele announcing that May 11 had concluded with zero homicides.

The Territorial Control Plan is Nayib Bukele’s most emblematic project; it has reduced the murder rate in El Salvador to historical low numbers. Bukele’s Government achieved the reduction in homicides without financing for phases two and three.

In phase one of the plan, the Government took control of jails and cut off communication. Also, it deployed army personnel and police officers into the territory, especially the areas controlled by gangs.

Phase two funds aim to rebuild the social fabric and rescue young people from violence. This phase will give youth opportunities to get out of gangs and start a better life.

The Government’s strategy in phase two is to intervene in the territories recovered with Phase one, with sports, culture, health, education, jobs, and opportunities, preventing young people from having only one option to enter criminal organizations.

Phase two also plans to carry out a project to train more than 100,000 young people in various workshops to prepare them and gain suitable employment.

The $109 million of funds for phase three will allow the Government to modernize all the police and the Armed Forces equipment. According to officials, $46 million will be used to acquire helicopters, ships, and patrols that guarantee the well-being of Salvadorans.

Also, $25.9 million will be allocated to a video surveillance system and $17 million to reinforce the military hospital, improving care for the military and police personnel.

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