Salvadoran Legislative recommends the dismissal of Bukele’s Health Minister.

By Eddie Galdamez
Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 9:34 am
Legislative Assembly deputies
Legislative Assembly special commission

A legislative Assembly special commission created to investigated the systematic irregular actions of the Executive Branch, affecting the treatment, prevention, and combat of the pandemic, released a partial report on Monday. They recommend the dismissal of Francisco Alabi, Bukele’s Health Minister.

The report, which was formulated mostly by deputies of ARENA and FMLN, accuses the Bukele administration politicized the pandemic and violating Salvadorans’ human rights. Among the commission’s conclusions is that the Executive branch systematically carried out irregular actions that affected the pandemic’s treatment.

Legislators assured that the legislative branch, through the Ministry of Health, manipulated and misrepresented at their convenience the figures of deaths, confirmed cases, and COVID-19 tests.

Health minister Alabi also is cited for conflicts of interest related to government contracts giving to one of his relatives by the health department.

The commission alleges that a house owned by Angel Montoya, a relative of Alabi, was rented for two months to function as a containment center for 18,858 dollars. The property in question was not used, according to the legislators.

During questioning by the special commission, Minister Alabi confirmed to have a family relationship with Montoya; however, he declared that as head of the Ministry of Health, he was not involved in the rental process.

Furthermore, the special commission points out that the front-line personnel who died throughout the pandemic became infected because the Ministry of Health did not provide them with the necessary and suitable biosafety equipment for the care of patients suffering from COVID-19.

Since becoming the Minister of Health, Alabi has repeatedly been singled out for irregularities in purchases and agreements made during the Covid-19 emergency.

The report created by the Legislative Assembly will be certified and sent to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, World Health Organization, and the United States Congress and Senate.

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