Salvadoran Legislative Assembly and political parties viewed as the most corrupt.

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Monday, January 25th, 2021

Legislative branch
Legislators looking to win reelection in the upcoming legislative elections have to deal with the perception of corruption Salvadorans have of the legislative branch and the traditional political parties.

The University Institute of Public Opinion (IUDOP) revealed in its most recent survey that Salvadorans consider the Legislative branch and political parties the country’s most corrupt institutions. The poll conducted face to face from December 6 to the 15 was made public on January 21.

77.8% of people survey viewed the legislative branch as corrupt, political parties came in second with 72.2%. Additionally, the Attorney General office was third with 50.5%, and the Supreme Court of Justice fourth with 44.8%.


Currently, members of the legislative branch and high ranking members of traditional political parties have open cases related to corruption. For instance, Norman Quijano, a current legislator, and Ernesto Muyshondt, mayor of San Salvador, are facing charges of corruption. Both Quijano and Muyshondt are high ranking members of the right-wing political party ARENA.

The FMLN, the second most influential political party in the country over the last thirthy years, also deals with corruption cases. Ex-president Mauricio Funes and ex-president of the Legislative branch Sigfrido Reyes live in exile, avoiding Salvadoran justice; both were high ranking members of the left-wing political party FMLN.

Having low approval numbers is nothing new for the Legislative Assembly or traditional political parties. However, the high number of disapproval and perception of corruption has gotten even more significant since Nayib Bukele became president.

Members of traditional political parties and the Legislative branch point out that the low approval numbers result from a campaign of disinformation by President Nayib Bukele and his political party.

Oscar Ortiz, FMLN Secretary-General and former Vice President of El Salvador, stated the following regarding the use of public funds for political propaganda by Nayib Bukele and his administration.

“They prefer to spend millions on electoral propaganda, instead of worrying about the well-being of such vulnerable segments of our population.” Oscar Ortiz.

It is clear that the perception of corruption Salvadorans have of the current Legislative Assembly, and traditional parties will impact the upcoming election.

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