Salvadoran Government Launches “End of the Year Plan” to Reduce Emergencies During the Holidays

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Dec 7th, 2023

National Civil Protection Commission members introduced the plan slated for national implementation as an integral component of the 2023 year-end safety strategy.

Details of the plan to provide timely attention to any emergency during the December and New Year holidays were unveiled yesterday at a press conference.

Juan Carlos Bidegain, the Minister of the Interior, assured that more than 100 thousand people from all institutions will be active in executing the end-of-year plan.

We are going to provide a good service to the population; there will be more than 100 thousand people from all institutions to be able to execute the plan. Juan Carlos Bidegain, Minister of the Interior.

Minister Bidegain mentioned that one of the planned actions involves the Fire Department team verifying factories and sales points of pyrotechnic products.

Accidents involving pyrotechnic products are common occurrences during the December holidays.

Bidegaín explained that lifeguard units will remain on 28 of the most popular beaches; they will provide recommendations to tourists and will pay due attention to emergencies.

Furthermore, to reduce the number of road accidents during the holiday, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) will carry out vehicle controls in various parts of the country.

More than 11 thousand elements will be deployed, including traffic inspectors and police personnel, who will carry out road safety education sessions to encourage a culture of prevention when driving, communicated Mopt Minister Romeo Rodríguez.

Some drivers drink and drive their vehicles that way, which generates different incidents. We are going to have more than 1,000 vehicle checkpoints at various points to reduce that accident gap. Romeo Rodríguez.

Carlos Nuñez, the director of Fosalud, emphasized that their responsibility includes safeguarding the lives of the Salvadoran population. “We have more than 140 ambulances, three helicopters, and four boats prepared to respond to emergencies,” stated Nuñez.

Throughout the December holidays, Salvadorans engage in numerous cultural festivities; nonetheless, this period has gained notoriety for the frequent accidents that typically take place.