President Bukele’s post-legislative election message. “Our country changed forever”

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Mar 22nd, 2021
Nayib Bukele
President Nayib Bukele.Photo by @PresidenciaSV

Sunday night, President Nayib Bukele addressed the nation regarding the legislative elections of February 28. “Our country has changed forever,” declared the president in a nationally televised event.

New Ideas, the political party created by Nayib Bukele, won 56 of the 84 available seats at the Legislative Assembly. With 56 deputies, the New Ideas political party does not need to negotiate with other political parties. Furthermore, the New Ideas-Gana coalition has a total of 61 seats, giving them total control.

The president stated that it would reach out to the opposition, “After a victory like that of February 28, the logical thing is that the President of the Republic calls for a dialogue with the forces of our country, including those that opposed us in this last election, and we will do that,” President Bukele.

However, the president expressed that they will not negotiate with ARENA or the FMLN, the two political parties that have governed the country for the last 30 years.

“We will speak with social organizations, with analysts, academics, businessmen, and unions. And above all, we will speak with the population. But we will not negotiate with ARENA and the FMLN, nor with its satellites. We all know what they are,” said Nayib Bukele.

Bukele mentioned that the Salvadoran people decided that the ARENA and FMLN votes be irrelevant to any legislative decision for the next three years.

“We will not negotiate with them, but not because of arrogance, but because that was the mandate of the Salvadoran people: not to negotiate with the same old people. That was the sovereign’s mandate, expressed in an obvious way at the ballot box,” President Bukele.

In his 15-minute message, the president assured that the new Legislative Assembly, which takes office on May 1, will differ from the previous legislative administrations and the current one. The new deputies will not collect bonuses, will not use public funds to take vacations, nor have the amounts of advisers that others have had in the past.

Deputies have to be different; otherwise, they could be ousted in the next elections. “They were elected to support projects that seek the well-being of our country. They were elected in an unquestionable mandate to support this Government,” Bukele.

The president stated that deputies and mayors would respect the will of the people and would for the population’s primary needs.

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