President Bukele to give a speech at the Legislative Assembly

By Karla Ramos  |  Tuesday, June 1st, 2021
Nayib Bukele
President Nayib Bukele

Today, June 1, on the second anniversary of his presidency, Nayib Bukele will give a speech at the Legislative Assembly. The president is expected to arrive at the Legislative Assembly’s blue room at 8pm to render a report of his two years as president. Last year’s speech at the Salvadoran congress was cancel due to the pandemic.

This will be the first time the president will set foot inside the Legislative branch since the February 9, 2020 incident. President Bukele confirmed his presence at the Legislative branch and called on Salvadorans to tune in to his report. The speech will be broadcast on national radio, TV, and social media.

“After almost a year and a half of not visiting the Legislative Assembly. Tomorrow I will get to give a speech to the Nation for our 2 years of Government,” wrote president Bukele on his Twitter account.

According to political analysts, president Bukele is expected to highlight his administration’s significant accomplishments, such as homicide reduction and managing the pandemic.

The homicide reduction and managing the pandemic are two of the principal reasons why president Bukele has maintained an approval rating of over 75% in his two years as president. In a new survey released today by La Prensa Grafica newspaper, a heavy critic of president Bukele gave him an 86.5% approval rate.

A speech among friends! “In the legislative election on February 28, New Ideas, the party created by Bukele’s friends and family, won 56 deputies. A qualified majority that allows it to pass laws and loans in favor of the Government,” reads an LPG article.

A few days ago, the LPG newspaper was forced to apologize for using a fake image in an article attacking the Nayib Bukele administration and the Surf City ISA games.

Businessman Javier Siman, president of ANEP and a harsh critic of President Bukele, stated in a TV program that he would like to see a message of unity and not a statement attacking the opposition.

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