Organizations Ask That the Arrest Warrant Against Ruben Zamora Be Withdrawn

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Dec 26th, 2023
Ruben ZamoraMembers of Social organizations.

Social organizations are speaking against the arrest warrant issued by the San Francisco Gotera Investigative Court against the former ambassador and politician, Ruben Zamora, for the crime of personal concealment in the case of the El Mozote massacre.

The organizations contend that the arrest warrant amounts to political persecution and argue that there is no legal foundation to justify it.

Zamora, along with other former deputies of the Legislative Assembly, are accused of allegedly committing the crime of “personal concealment” in favor of those accused of perpetrating the massacre of El Mozote with the issuance of the Amnesty Law.

The Legislative Assembly passed the General Amnesty for the Consolidation of Peace law in 1993. While Zamora served on the board of directors, he voted against the bill.

The social organizations pointed out that there is documentary evidence that Zamora was neither a signatory nor did he support the Amnesty Law, approved in 1993 by the Legislative Assembly, for which the material and intellectual authors of the incident were not prosecuted.

“We demand that the arrest warrant for Dr. Ruben Zamora be withdrawn; there is no legal or constitutional basis of any kind for this judge to have issued an unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral arrest warrant,” stated Ronald Umaña of the Citizen Resistance organization.

Presidential candidate Luis Parada remarked on December 23 that the arrest order against Ruben Zamora and other directors of the Legislative Assembly in 1993 that approved the General Amnesty Law for the Consolidation of Peace (declared unconstitutional in 2016) was absurd.

Nuestro Tiempo’s presidential candidate, Luis Parada, expressed his indignation, saying, “I am appalled by the justice system’s abuse under the current government. The judge seems incapable of drafting all this; someone must have scripted it for her.”

“It is a crude political persecution and smokescreen written by some prepaid lawyer and signed by a judge appointed by—and beholden to—the dictator’s regime,” communicated Parada.

Some of the organizations asking for the arrest warrant withdrawal are Citizen Resistance, Civil Society Block, the Authentic Salvadoran Movement (MAS), the Working Group for a Decent Pension, the Salvadoran Lawyers Platform, and members of the political parties, Vamos and Nuestro Tiempo.

The El Salvador civil war, spanning from 1979 to 1992, left an indelible mark on the nation’s culture. One of these marks is the El Mozote massacre, which cost the lives of about 1000 people, including children.