Norman Quijano. Salvadoran Politician.

Norman Quijano is a Salvadoran politician affiliated with the Alliance Republican Nationalist or ARENA. Currently, he is a senator or Diputado (May 2018 to April 2021) representing the department of San Salvador at the Legislative Assembly.

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Norman Quijano, his life in politics.

Norman Quijano has been active in Salvadoran politics since 1988 when he was part of Armando Calderon Sol’s team, who at the time was mayor of San Salvador.

Quijano has always been affiliated with the right-wing political party ARENA. Here are some of his most distinguished highlights in Salvadoran politics.

  • 2018 to 2021, Legislative Assembly Diputado for San Salvador.

    In 2018, Norman Quijano won the election and became a Diputado for the department of San Salvador.

    The Legislative Assembly or Asamblea General elected Quijano to serve as president; he will be in charge of the chamber for the first 18 months of the three-year term.

    His term as president of the chamber was not easy; allegations have been made that on the 2014 elections, he paid gang members in exchange for votes, which in turn questions his credibility.

    Furthermore, his relationship with the current president Nayib Bukele has been tedious; Bukele refers to Quijano as a criminal who should be in jail.

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  • Norman Quijano’s 2014 Presidential run.

    The political party ARENA selected Norman Quijano to be its candidate for president on the 2014 elections. Quijano resigned as mayor in August 2013, he did it to be eligible to run for president.

    The election’s first-round didn’t produce a winner, no candidate was able to obtain the required 50% + 1 vote to win; therefore, to choose a winner, both candidates competed in a second round. Surprisingly, the second-round was even tighter.

    Norman Quijano lost to Salvador Sanchez Ceren, an FMLN ex-guerrilla fighter, by a margin of 0.22% equal to 6,364 votes.

  • 2009 to 2015 Norman Quijano, mayor of San Salvador.

    In 2008, Quijano was the candidate for mayor of San San Salvador, the nation’s capital.

    Being mayor of San Salvador is one of the most coveted positions for politicians in El Salvador; it usually is a stepping stone for a run to the countries presidency.

    In the 2008 elections, he defeated incumbent mayor Violeta Menjivar; and on May 1st, 2009, he began his first term as mayor.

    Furthermore, in 2012, Quijano won re-election to serve a second term as mayor, 2012 to 2015. However, in August 2013, Norman Quijano resigned from his office as mayor, so that he can run for president.

    So, in 2015, after losing his bid to become president, he wanted to become a candidate for mayor of San Salvador again. However, ARENA decided to move in a different direction and didn’t allow Norman Quijano to seek a third term as mayor of San Salvador.

    Subsequently, ARENA lost the 2015 election to Nayib Bukele, a candidate from the opposing party, FMLN.

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To sum up, as you can see, Norman Quijano has played an influential role in Salvadoran politics since 1988.

Whether you like him or not, or even if you agree or disagree with his policies, is a personal choice. Nevertheless, Norman Quijano is a big part of Salvadoran politics and its history.

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