Nayib Bukele’s security plan phase three.

February 17th, 2020

Nayib Bukele’s security plan phase three involves the modernization of security forces equipment. In this phase, the president is looking to provide security forces with better equipment such as bulletproof vests, night-vision goggles, drones, patrol cars, video cameras, among others.

Also, in this phase, he wants to upgrade the National Military hospital, buy a new helicopter, and a vessel to fight drug smuggling.

The president’s phase three should be in progress right now; but, funds for this phase have been blocked by the Salvadoran Congress.

For those of you who don’t know, Nayib Bukele security plan is set up in many phases. Phase one and two are in progress and have produced excellent results, especially reducing the murder rate. Stage three was set to begin late last year; however, financing for this phase has encounter resistance in Congress.

When it comes to the president obtaining a loan for any reason, this is the way it works in El Salvador. First, Congress has to give written permission to the president to negotiate the terms of the loan. Second, after the president secures the loan, Congress has to do a final revision and approval of the loan.

What president Bukele and his administration are looking for is approval to begin negotiating the loan. So, why are many congressmen against this approval? These are some of the most common reasons that they have given.

  • The president is getting too much money for security already.

    Yes, that is a prevalent answer that has been given by some Salvadoran congressmen, especially by the lefties FMLN.

    The part that I am trying to understand is that while Nayib Bukele has only been in office for about eight months, he has reduced the murder rate to the lowest point since 1991. The President’s security plan is working, so why oppose it now!

  • Clarification on Osiris Luna private flight in Mexico.

    Many of the congressmen want clarification about why this cabinet member was taking a private flight paid by a security company in Mexico.

    In the phase 3 loan package, there are 25 million set aside for video vigilance equipment.

    Some congressmen believe that the company that paid for Osiris Luna’s private flight has already made an arrangement with the government to win the contract.

    This is a valid point, and the president and his administration should provide more clarification on the matter.

    However, why does congress need to get clarification on the flight, before granting permission for the president to start negotiating the credit? They can give permission now, stipulating that they will need more explanation before the final approval.

  • What does a ship have to do with security?

    The loan includes money for the president to buy a ship to fight against drug smuggling. Some politicians believe that this is a luxury that will not help with the country’s security.

    Another objection that might need explanation; but, this explanation can be done while the government negotiates the credit. They can approve it now, stipulating that the final approval might not include money for the ship.

Obviously, they have other reasons, but these are the most common. Personally, I believe that their arguments make no sense, and they will pay a high political price for their decisions.

Reasons for not approving the loan for Nayib Bukele’s security plan phase three.

The following are my own assumptions on why they are not approving this loan; as always, you might disagree with my assessment of the situation.

  • A show of force against the president.

    Many believe, including me, that the reason they are against this approval is to show the president that they are in control.

    In previous administrations, congress was in control, and they made the president do as they pleased; however, this has not been the case with Nayib Bukele and his administration.

    President Bukele’s political party has not even a single congressman; however, he has made congress do as he has wanted.

    It is a widespread belief that not approving this loan is a way for FMLN and ARENA, the two major political parties, to show the president that they have power and are in control.

  • Payback because some of their members were indicted.

    Some believe that this loan is not being approved as payback; because of high-level political members in both political parties were indicted with various charges linked to gangs.

    President Bukele has been using his position to tell the world that these high-level members are a disgrace to the country and should be in jail.

    Not approving this loan could be payback against President Bukele’s and his administration for what they have been saying about the traditional political parties.

  • Keeping the base or hardcore members happy.

    The last reason why I believe they are not approving this loan is to keep their political base happy.

    Some hardcore members of both ARENA and FMLN believe that the president is walking all over them.

    The president, with not a single member in congress, got everything that he wanted in the 2020 budget. This didn’t make the hardcore members of both traditional political parties happy.

    So, not approving this loan is a way for both major political parties to make their hardcore members happy.

As I previously mentioned, these are my opinions on why they are not giving Nayib Bukele permission to negotiate the phase three loan.

Political implication. Nayib Bukele’s security plan phase three.

Salvadoran congressman’s decision not to grant permission to the president is not political; that is what they are saying!

Nevertheless, even if the reasons for not voting are not political, it is going to have a political impact, especially when elections are coming in about 11 months.

To sum up, a large portion of Salvadoran believes that the general assembly is making a mistake by not giving Bukele permission to negotiate this loan.

The general consensus among Salvadorans is that the FMLN and ARENA are against this loan; because they are linked to criminal organizations and are corrupt.

I do believe that at the end of the day, the president will get his money; and both political parties ARENA and FMLN will pay a high political price for what they are doing right now.

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