Nayib Bukele and Donald Trump met today, did it help Salvadorans?

September 26th, 2019

Today September 26th marks the first meeting between Presidents Nayib Bukele and Donald Trump. One of the main questions among Salvadorans is if the meeting helped Salvadorans living in the US.

This is an important question to ask since the previous administration was more sympathetic to Venezuela and Cuba than the United States.

This is my personal take on the meeting and on immigration, the main issue concerning Salvadorans. And just to be clear, I consider myself an independent who voted for President Bukele.

Political implications of the meeting between Nayib Bukele and Donald Trump in El Salvador.

This is the first time Nayib Bukele is meeting with the president of the United States. There is no doubt in my mind that both political parties at home (FMLN & ARENA) will have an opinion on the meeting.

If you ask the left political party and its followers about the meeting, they will tell you that president Bukele should have been more unfavorable and confront Donald Trump’s on his policies and rhetoric about immigration and Salvadorans.

On the other hand, if you ask the same question to the right-wing political party and its followers, they will tell you that this was a solid first time meeting. Additionally, they will tell you that things between the two countries will get better since the previous administration was not US friendly.

Would this meeting help Salvadoran’s who have TPS?

In my opinion, yes it can help. I am not being naive and think that it will be easy or that this meeting fixed the situation.

Temporary protected status or TPS and immigration, in general, is a complicated issue for republicans in the US, especially when an election year is coming up.

I hope that TPS get extended for at least one year and for Trump to lose the election in 2010. A new democrat administration might be more willing to solve the TPS problem.

Would the US send Non-Salvadoran asylum seekers to El Salsavor now?

The new agreement signed between the US and El Salvador clearly states that Non-Salvadoran immigrants can apply for asylum from El Salvador. Would the US send people seeking asylum to El Salvador now? I guess they can, but I don’t think they will; this is my take on the issue.

El Salvador doesn’t have the resources or infrastructure to take anyone seeking asylum. Mexico, in a way, was forced to do it because their border is right next to the US.

Like I said before, I hope this whole issue takes time to move to the next level, and that Trump loses the 2020 presidential election.

To sum up, the meeting between Nayib Bukele and Donald Trump was great. President Bukele did the right thing; some people will not like this, but we need to stay friendly with the US. Donald Trump is not going to change its rhetoric about Salvadoran immigrants because of the meeting!

I hope this issue gets solved in favor of all Salvadoran’s who have TPS!

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