Merry Christmas to ex-president Tony Saca!

December 27th, 2019

The Salvadoran Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court (CSJ) gave Tony Saca a nice Christmas present by finally ratifying that he has to pay back $260 million.

Saca confessed that while he was president of El Salvador, he stole several million dollars for personal gain, his family, and his friends. Saca explained in detail, the complex mechanism he used to redirect public money to private accounts.

This puts an end to any argument Tony Saca’s lawyer might have when it comes to the amount he needed to pay back; now, the question is, can we collect anything close to $260 million.

Current attorney general Raul Melara reacted to the resolution via his twitter account. @MelaraRaul

“Yesterday, the Criminal Chamber has confirmed what I have demanded as attorney general, that former President Saca must return $ 260 million to the State.”

“This network of corrupt officials stole more than 300 million dollars. I repeat, how many schools, hospitals, social programs stopped benefiting Salvadorans?” Raúl Melara explained.

“Under my management, this will be the only destination for those who steal the money of Salvadorans,” he concluded.

Raul Melara
Raul Melara

To sum up, It’s good news that this sentence has been ratified; nevertheless, a lot of people, including myself, feel that a 10-year sentence was way too lenient.

My point of view.