Jesuit Priest Jose Maria Tojeira (UCA): The Bitcoin Law is a Total Inefficiency!

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Sep 25th, 2023
Jesuit priest, Jose Maria Tojeira (UCA)Jesuit priest, Jose Maria Tojeira (UCA). Screenshot from YouTube Video.

The Jesuit priest, Jose Maria Tojeira (UCA), stated in last week’s radio program, “Al Filo de la Semana,” that the Bitcoin law was a total inefficiency. Tojeira made the statements in response to a comment made by the Vice President of the Republic, Felix Ulloa, that the Bitcoin Law had some inefficiencies.

Bitcoin was born with theft crimes. Many people stole the $30 from the Chivo Wallet that they put in their phones. Many people stole it; I don’t know how, but obviously in an illegal manner. Nothing has been done, and nothing has been investigated.” Jose Maria Tojeira (UCA).

Father Tojeira has criticized the Bitcoin law on many occasions, including the Chivo Wallet. Bitcoin has been a legal tender in El Salvador since September 2021.

Not many Salvadorans use Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency has been plagued with controversy. For example, investigations revealed the theft of the $30 Bitcoin bond given to Salvadorans. Also, only a small percentage of Salvadorans use the Bitcoin wallet to send remittances.

Father Tojeira also commented on the controversial State of Exception. Referring to the innocents who have been released or remain in jail. Over 7,000 people have been released after spending months in prison.

Have 10,000 people or 7,000, or 20,000 people. We don’t know the number! 7,000 for sure because they have already been released. But having them imprisoned without any crime is simply barbaric.” Jose Maria Tojeira (UCA).

El Salvador’s State of Exception has helped reduce crime in El Salvador, especially homicides; however, criticism over human rights violations continues.

On another topic, the Jesuit priest commented on the evictions of informal vendors that continue in the Center of San Salvador. The San Salvador municipal government continues to remove street vendors as part of the downtown rehabilitation effort.

Father Tojeira noted that it is necessary to offer these vendors decent and safe work possibilities, but “to evict without giving opportunities is to make people desperate and encourage migration,” concluded Father Tojeira.