Iris Violeta Foundation hosts lunch for kids with chronic kidney disease and their families

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Aug 2nd, 2021
Iris Violeta Foundation
Kids with chronic kidney disease and their families. Photo by Otilia Fuentes

On August 1, 2021, in San Salvador, the Iris Violeta foundation hosted a lunch for kids with chronic kidney disease and their families. This lunch was to show support for the patients and their families.

The lunch was hosted by Otilia Santos, president of the foundation. Hosting these lunches for these kids and their families is a tradition that Otilia follows every time she visits El Salvador. Otilia and the foundation are based in Oklahoma City, USA.

This lunch had an added bonus as it was attended by a few Legislative Assembly Deputies of the New Ideas political party. The deputies attending the lunch spent time listening to parents and their kids regarding any support they might need from the Legislative branch.

New Ideas Deputies
New Ideas Deputies and Otilia Santos. Photo by Otilia

Christian Guevara, New Ideas faction leader at the Legislative Assembly and chairman of the Finance Commission, stated the following. “Vacation day, with my family and team; we shared a lunch with the kidney patients from Hospital Bloom. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of and get to know each one of you. It is my high commitment not to fail you.”

Deputy Christian Guevara
Photo by Deputy Christian Guevara.

Deputy Alexia Rivas spent time listening to the kid’s parents. “I find myself sharing with children who suffer from kidney failure and are receiving treatment at Bloom Hospital. I spoke with their parents, who hope that the new Legislative Assembly supports them in being able to access transplants and save the lives of their children,” tweeted Alexia Rivas.

Deputy Alexia Rivas
Photo by Deputy Alexia Rivas

Deputy Edgardo Mulato expressed that the Legislative Branch was going to support these kids. “Thanks to Otilia Santos for the invitation to meet these families. I feel very motivated to work for these children who struggle daily and live with the hope of healing. I tell all parents that they have a friend in the Legislative Assembly,” announced deputy Edgardo Mulato.

Deputy Edgardo Mulato
Photo by Deputy Edgardo Mulato

Deputy Aronette Rebeca Mencia spent time talking to foundation president Otilia Santos and to parents of kids regarding their daily struggles and needs. “I thank Otilia Fuentes with all my heart for allowing me to be part of this meeting. She is a woman without a doubt, committed to the purpose of helping others, with a heart that seeks to sensitize others, raise awareness and take action,” deputy Aronette Mencia.

Deputy Aronette Mencia
Deputy Aronette Mencia & Otilia Santos

Iris Violeta Foundation president Otilia Santos thanked the Deputies for attending the lunch and listen to the kids and their parents.

Thanks to Christian Guevara, Edgardo Mulato, Aronette Mencia, and Alexia Rivas for restoring trust to these mothers. I am immensely grateful to God and to you. It is a dream come true; they (kids and parents) wanted to be heard.” Otilia Santos.

Iris Violeta Foundation

Iris Violeta Foundation is a non for profit organization based in Oklahoma City. They help Salvadoran children who suffer from chronic kidney disease. Visit the foundation’s website ( to get more information on what they do and how you can help.

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