3 Individuals who regularly inform about El Salvador in English

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Jan 23rd, 2023
San Salvador El SalvadorSan Salvador. Image by Morena Valdez

We live in a time when it is easy for anyone to start a blog, a podcast, a news site, a YouTube channel, etc. These individuals, just like me, want to inform or share their opinions with whoever is willing to listen, read, or watch them. Some of the information is great and truthful, and some of the content is terrible and fake.

It seems that nowadays more people than before want information on topics related to El Salvador. People want to know more about subjects such as Nayib Bukele (a dictator to some and a great president to others), tourism, culture, human rights violations, homicide reduction, violence, and gangs. This brings me to find out who regularly provides information about the smallest country in the Americas.

The following three individuals regularly provide blog posts, news articles, and videos about El Salvador in English. Their content is excellent and worth consuming. Even if I disagree with some of their points of view, I recommend that you follow them and read or watch the content they create.

Tim Muth “Blogger”

Tim Muth runs “El Salvador Perspectives,” an information blog that focuses primarily on El Salvador. Tim focuses mainly on politics and news; nevertheless, he also writes about other topics such as food, art, culture, and tourism.

El Salvador Perspectives is the oldest blog I was able to find about El Salvador. According to his website, the blog began in 2004 under the name “Tim’s El Salvador Blog.”

Tim Muth is a lawyer involved in human rights and civil liberties issues; he splits time between El Salvador and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the US. You can read Tim’s articles on his website and follow him on Twitter at @TimMuth.

Anna-Cat Brigida “Independent Reporter”

Anna-Catherine Brigida is a freelance journalist who regularly writes news articles about El Salvador or Salvadorans. She reports on migration, politics, security, human rights, environmental justice, reproductive rights, and women’s rights, to name a few.

Her articles have been published in well-known sites such as the Washington Post, Al Jazeera, The Intercept, Foreign Policy, Time, The Guardian, and many others. You can see a list of her articles on her website (Annacatherinebrigida.com). You can also follow her on Twitter at @AnnaCat_Brigida.

Carol “YouTuber”

Carol, or ThatExpatMom! as she calls herself, is a YouTuber who regularly uploads videos about El Salvador. Her videos are about places to visit in El Salvador and her experiences living in the country.

Some of her most popular videos are about the cost of living in El Salvador, a tour of her house, going to the mall, and how she met her Salvadoran husband. In her videos, Carol always shares aspects of her personal life with viewers.

“Hi I’m Carol, and I’m ThatExpatMom! I’m from California but choose to raise my family in beautiful El Salvador,” writes carol on her website. You can follow her on her YouTube channel or her Twitter account, @ThatExpatMom.

The above-listed individuals are not the only ones who, in my opinion, provide excellent content about El Salvador. However, they are the ones that consistently provide new and accurate information about the smallest country in the Americas.

If there is an individual that informs on El Salvador in English and you believe should be included in this list, send me an email ([email protected]) with their information. I will look into adding them to this list.

Also, if you want a list of websites that regularly publish information about El Salvador, read this article by Tim Muth called “Following El Salvador in English.” It is a good read!