INDES Awarded the Most Outstanding Salvadoran Athletes of the Year in a Special Gala

By Karla Ramos  |  Dec 11th, 2023
INDES 2023 AwardsINDES 2023 Gala. Image by INDES

On a spectacular evening in the renowned San Salvador Historic District, athletes who had proudly represented El Salvador in 2023 exchanged their sports attire for formal clothing and walked down the red carpet with pride to receive a well-deserved recognition for their efforts representing the country.

To give recognition for their efforts in representing the country, the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) held a special gala to reward the best Salvadoran athletes of 2023.

At the special gala held at the National Theatre yesterday, December 10, the most outstanding athletes of the year were honored with awards from INDES.

Yesterday’s ceremony was the second edition of the E&G Awards, an annual gala that recognizes and rewards the most outstanding of the year for their achievements at the international level.

Cash prizes totaling $46,000 were distributed across fourteen categories as part of the awards ceremony. You can view details of each category at the INDES website.

Skater Ivonne Nochez Gallardo and Herbert Aceituno, a para powerlifting athlete, were recognized as the best athletes of 2023.

In addition to the respective recognition, Noches and Aceituno received a vehicle each, delivered by the president of the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES), Yamil Bukele.

Skater Ivonne Nochez Gallardo
Skater Ivonne Nochez Gallardo. Image by INDES

Powerlifting athlete Herbert Aceituno
Powerlifting athlete Herbert Aceituno. Image by INDES

Nochez, the leading figure in Salvadoran skating and athlete from the Effort and Glory Program, won the Female Athlete of the Year award for her gold medal in the 100-meter lanes at the Buenos Aires World Championships.

For his part, Aceituno received the Male Athlete of the Year; he won a silver medal at the Dubai 2023 World Parapowerlifting Championships.

The parathlete, beneficiary of the Effort and Glory Program, once again raised the name of El Salvador by securing a silver medal by lifting 193 kilograms and breaking the record of the Americas and his personal best.

With the delivery of the latest model automobiles to Herbert Aceituno and Ivonne Nóchez, as Sportsmen of the Year, we close tonight the second edition of the E&G Awards. Yamil Bukele.

“These recognitions are added to the 120 thousand that we have awarded throughout the year as awards for the international triumphs achieved by our athletes, both conventional and with disabilities,” highlighted Yamil Bukele.

Supporting athletes has become part of Salvadoran culture under the current administration. “Congratulations to all of tonight’s winners, as well as the nominees. May more victories and successes come for our country!,” stated the INDES president.