Impunity in homicide cases in El Salvador has dropped to 10%: Gustavo Villatoro, Minister of Justice

By Karla Ramos  |  Oct 3rd, 2023
Gustavo Villatoro, Minister of Justice and Public SecurityGustavo Villatoro, Minister of Justice and Public Security. Screenshot from Frente a Frente YouTube Video.

Gustavo Villatoro, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, stated this morning in the “Frente a Frente” TV interview that homicide impunity in El Salvador has decreased to 10%.

Villatoro Highlighted that in 2019, only 3% of homicide cases were solved; on the other hand, in 2023, 90% of homicide cases have already been solved.

This state that we received could only do justice in three of 100 homicide cases, only in three; the remaining 97 went unpunished. Now, in this year, impunity is 10%. It means that in a little more than 100 homicides we have had this year, in 90 of them, justice has already been done. Gustavo Villatoro.

The Security Minister reiterated that the security measures implemented in the country, the Territorial Control Plan and the State of Exceptions regime, have allowed homicidal violence to decrease.

He also noted that foreign authorities, such as the recent visit of police officials from Nueva York, seek to replicate these security models.

The actions carried out in the Territorial Control Plan and the emergency regime is rescuing a true Rule of Law, we receive a State incapable of providing security, health, and education due to the consequences of insecurity.” Gustavo Villatoro.

The Security Minister assured that the war against gangs, which has already left more than 73,000 gang members detained, will not end until they are sure that “the threat of these terrorist groups is neutralized.”

“This will end when we capture the last gang member. Homeboy and higher up in Salvadoran territory.” Said the Minister of Security.

Villatoro also commented on the allegations of Human Rights abuses brought up by Human Rights organizations.

Those same international organizations that defend the rights of criminals are the same ones that whispered in the ears of the six former presidents that we had. It is clear that they lived from that fear because they were not the ones who gave their lives.” Minister Villatoro.

According to Villatoro, the Bukele administration received a country incapable of providing security; now, it has changed, with a 90% homicide impunity rate.