How To Preserve Your E-Juice Flavor

Despite their chemical composition, e-fluids are just as fragile as many food items. This means that you also need to store them well. E-fluids have a relatively good lifespan. However, once they break down, it’ll spoil your vaping experience.

It’s essential to note that PG, or propylene glycol- a component in e-juice- is an artificial chemical that also happens to be immune to decay. However, nicotine and VG (vegetable glycerine) are organic. Therefore, they can and will worsen with time.

If the nicotine or VG rots, you’ll spot it instantly. The juice suddenly has a bitter taste and scent. This is most common in fruity e-fluids.

The good news is, you can avoid this through the best nic salts brands to maintain its pleasant taste.

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About E-Juice

Also known as vape juice or e-liquid, e-juice is the fluid that goes into your e-cigarette. The instrument burns the liquid to a temperature range of two hundred to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit to create smoke that you can breathe in.

The mist contains:

  • PG
  • Water
  • Nicotine (optional)
  • VG
  • Flavor

While nicotine provides the soft hit, the food-grade taste makes your vaporizing experience more pleasant. You can get vape juice in various flavors, ranging from fruits to desserts to everything in between.<

E-Liquid’s Enemies

There are three main things that you should keep away from your e-liquid:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Heat

The reason why experts advise you to avoid air and light comes down to oxygen and UV light’s impact on nicotine. The oxygen reacts with nicotine to create cotinine (this ‘oxidation’ procedure comprises the loss of two hydrogen atoms and the earning of a single oxygen atom).

The UV light assists this process by offering energy in the same manner (but not in precisely a similar way) as heat does. The more the reaction takes place, the less nicotine remains in your fluid.

In most instances, you won’t be able to spot the impact- unless you’re careful in your preservation.

The issue with heat boils down to how interconnections work in general: Suppose something is hotter, its molecules have more power. This could be sufficient to enable them to interact with other components or break them down into tinier ingredients.

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Where Should You Store Your Vape Juice?

You don’t require any fancy preservation containers to keep e-juice. However, depending on how long you intend to store your e-fluid, here’s a wonderful alternative: In the fridge.

Short-term preservation (below several months) in any dark storage cupboard is excellent. Just see to it that the closet is cold. And is away from any heat source, and the e-fluid is airtight and sealed.

Like any other consumable item you’d like to preserve for an extended period, the fridge is an excellent place to store your fluid. Fridges will keep your vape juice cold for long durations and avoid damage through heat. However, you should consider the damage from light.

The second issue with e-fluid in the fridge is that VG and PG cool/freeze at different temperatures. This will cause isolation in the two fluids and significantly impact your vaporizing experience.

Like you can shake your e-fluid to combine the PG and VG after it’s been still for an extended period, you’ll need to permit the fluids to return to room temperature to shake once more.

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Ways to Store Your Vape Juice Taste

There are many other ways to ensure that your vape juice’s flavor remains despite how long it stays. Some of them are:

  • Not leaving it in your car- anything can happen to it there. Besides, the heat in the vehicle will affect its taste.
  • Keep the cover tightly sealed- once air comes into contact with your vape juice, it affects its integrity. As you select a container, please ensure that it has a lid that allows it to seal shut.
  • Go for a glass container- if you intend to preserve your e-fluid for a longer duration, you should select your container carefully. You can get both glass and plastic bottles to store your vape fluid.

Plastic containers are suitable for short-term storage. However, they aren’t ideal for the long term (more than a few months). You should use glass containers instead. This is because plastic can interact with the fluid, and as we saw, any chemical alterations change your juice’s taste.

In addition, though plastics hinder most things from passing through them, some air can get through.

How much gas passes through depends on the kind of plastic. Generally, higher-quality plastics are less absorbent to air, but glass is a much better approach for lessening any interactions with the bottle and removing the air porosity.

  • Keep the juice away from pets or children- nicotine is toxic. There can be disasters if you aren’t careful with your e-fluid. You may assume that your children are safe since your vape juice contains child-proof caps.

However, in reality, ‘child proof’ means ‘child-resistant.’ It’s far from a fool-proof answer.

To store your e-juice effectively, pick a high cabinet that your children or pets can’t reach. Ensure that it has a lock.

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E-fluid is as essential as all the other components in a vape device. Therefore, if you prefer a flavored juice, you should strive to maintain its taste. The preservation process isn’t as challenging as most people think.

The key is to be observant and follow the guidelines above. Remember, you deserve the best and try to buy durable weed vaporizer. A fully-flavored e-juice will grant you just that when you vaporize.