The FMLN Describes Nicaragua’s Election as a “True Democratic Festivity”

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Nov 8th, 2021
FMLN political party.

The Salvadoran left-wing political party FMLN described Nicaragua’s presidential elections as a true democratic festivity. The congratulatory message was tweeted Sunday, November 8, in the FMLN official Twitter account.

“We congratulate the sovereign Nicaraguan people for submitting to elections and demonstrating a true democratic festivity. Likewise, we salute the glorious Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), to which we wish the best of success.” FMLN Official Twitter account.

FMLN Tweet

Other high-ranking members of the FMLN also offered their congratulations to Daniel Ortega and the election process.

Nidia Diaz, an emblematic FMLN party member, wrote the following:

I wish success to @ReDFSLN, to Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, for their re-election, and to all the candidates for legislators. I am convinced that peace will prevail, and the Nicaraguan Revolution will continue to consolidate and defeat neoliberalism. The Nicaraguan people will win!” Nidia Diaz.

Jaime Guevara, head of the FMLN fraction in the legislative assembly, said the following: “We hope they do not interfere in matters of Nicaragua’s sovereignty. Election results must be respected. My best wishes.”

The congratulatory messages by the FMLN and its high-ranking members were heavily criticized immediately.

President Nayib Bukele, in his usual fashion, reacted to the FMLN tweet with its own.

“Do you see how the FMLN and friends are not interested in the slightest bit about “democracy,” “institutionality,” or the “rule of law,” which they claim to defend so much? Do you see how the whole discourse of fighting against the “dictatorship” is a farce? They are only interested in returning to power. That is all.” Nayib Bukele.

The FMLN and top members have been a critic of President Bukele. They have called him an Authoritarian President that wants total control.

The FMLN has also called for international organizations or countries to intervene in El Salvador and stop Nayib Bukele from gaining more control.

However, they have endorsed what Daniel Ortega is doing in Nicaragua. Ortega jailed all other presidential candidates, canceled the opposition political parties, and has closed newspapers.

Oscar Martinez, head of the editorial staff of El Faro online newspaper and a critic of Nayib Bukele and his administration, expressed the following:

It would seem that certain things have to be explained to this small party in a very didactic way. As they celebrate the Nicaraguan dictatorship, they sound absurd condemning the Salvadoran regime (Bukele’s). If they chirp out, no one will hear them bark in.” Oscar Martinez, El Faro.

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