El Salvador INFO newsletter. November 9, 2020.

November 9 newsletter
 November 9, 2020   By El Salvador INFO

Hurricane ETA

Even though hurricane ETA didn’t enter the Salvadoran territory, it affected the lives of many Salvadorans. The storm left one person dead and over 1900 in shelters all over the country.

According to the local newspaper Diario El Mundo, the victim was identified as a 44 years old male who did not follow the instructions issued and entered the sea. He was swept away by a strong sea current and drowned.

The Nayib Bukele administration created a plan of prevention just in case the storm entered the territory. This involved the use of Inmates that worked on mitigation efforts to prevent flooding in vulnerable areas.

Luckily for Salvadoran, Hurrican ETA didn’t cause much damage to the country. However, Guatemala and Honduras were not as lucky and suffered significant damage.

President Nayib Bukele announced on November 7, the dispatch of 200 rescuers, machinery, equipment, and $2 million in food aid to Guatemala and Honduras. The assistance and personal are scheduled to enter Honduras and Guatemalan territory on Monday, November 9.

“I have made 100 rescuers, machinery, equipment, and $1 million in food packages available to each country, to benefit 60,000 families.”
Nayib Bukele.

US elections

President Nayib Bukele posted a letter and message on Twitter congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala harris for their victory in the November 3rd US presidential elections.

Bukele Letter


The disagreements between the Executive and COMUNES regarding the payment of FODES continue to grow. Many City mayors expressed their dissatisfaction with the president because they alleged that he is unaware of the situation many municipalities have regarding their finances.

Salvadoran Pensions

The Salvadoran Legislative Assembly incorporated article 126-F to the SAP Law (retirement law), which will benefit many contributors who lost their jobs during the pandemic. People who requested an advance of 25% of their pension savings will be able to retire without having to repay it.

Special commission

The special commission investigating harassment of journalists by the Executive Branch has approved its final report. The commission lead by Emilio Coreas of ARENA has determined harassment, discrimination, and mistreatment of journalists by the Executive Branch.

Emilio Coreas mentioned that they also consider that there is a blockade of public information and access to public officials towards certain media outlets that are critical to the current administration in the country.

Another day with no murders

The Nayib Bukele administration recorded another day without murders in El Salvador. According to the National Civil Police (PNC), Sunday, November 8, was added as the 34th day with zero violent deaths during the current presidential administration. In 2020, El Salvador has set records regarding the country’s homicide rate.

Inmates helping

The General Directorate of Penal Centers deployed inmates who are part of a trusting plan to different country areas to work. The inmates supported the National Civil Protection System with work that prevents floods due to the constant rains that affect the entire national territory.

“President Nayib Bukele gave us clear instruction to work hand in hand with the communities. We are carrying out risk mitigation works due to the rains that occur in the country under the coordination of the president of the National Civil Protection System, Mario Duran.”
Osiris Luna, general director of Penal Centers.

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