El Salvador and Costa Rica sign agreement for ferry operation.

El Salvador Ferry
 Sep 8, 2020   By Eddie Galdamez

The El Salvador Ferri is a strategic project for Central America between Costa Rica and El Salvador to promote short sea shipping, which will help the economy of the region.

The historic agreement reached by both nations, on a project that remained stagnant for more than 15 years, is good news for the entire region.

The estimated capacity of the ferry is 150 containers per week, that is, 7,800 in the year. This is a significant advantage for all businesspeople since the trip from the Port of La Union in El Salvador to Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica will take less than a day.

Costa Rica and El Salvador have maintained close communication on the process of implementing the ferry. The newly sign agreement is a commitment made by both nations to work on a plan for the operation of the ferry.

“This day is historic for Costa Rica and El Salvador as we signed a memorandum of understanding that reiterates the commitment to implement the short-distance maritime transport, ferry.”
Federico Anliker. CEPA president.

The idea of the ferry has been discussed by previous administrations dating back to the Tony Saca (ARENA) administration. Nevertheless, no concrete agreement was ever reached until the Nayib Bukele administration.

Since May of this year, and due to the closure of borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Official and businessmen from both nations sought to renew discussions on the ferry as an option to move cargo between both countries.

“In El Salvador, we have ready the flow of imports and exports. As well as the staff and the necessary equipment for the start-up of the operation.”
Federico Anliker. CEPA president.

The ferry will connect the Port of La Union with Puerto Calderas, in Costa Rica. The expectation is that the times to mobilize the cargo will be reduced, as well as the implied cost.

This day represents a historic moment for El Salvador and Costa Rica, as the governments of both countries will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to reiterate the parties’ commitment to activate Short Distance Maritime Transport, ferry.

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