Cristosal asks the Prosecutor’s Office to Investigate Salvadoran Officials for Possible Crimes

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Sep 21st, 2023
Ruth Lopez of CristosalRuth Lopez of Cristosal. Image by Cristosal.

The Cristosal Non-governmental organization notified the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic to investigate the director of Penal Centers, Osiris Luna, and other officials of the Salvadoran Government for alleged corruption crimes.

Our Anti-Corruption and Justice team filed a notice with the Attorney General’s Office to investigate possible crimes by the director of Penal Centers and other officials. Cristosal.

The head of Cristosal’s anti-corruption and justice unit, Ruth Lopez, presented the memorandum at the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic yesterday, Wednesday, September 20.

Cristosal noted that possible crimes were committed by the director of Penal Centers, Osiris Luna, the president of the Salvadoran Institute of Agrarian Transformation, ISTA, and the president of ANDA, among other officials.

The legal head of Anti-Corruption and Justice at Cristosal said that there are real estate sales without meeting legal requirements and at very low cost, which might involve the individuals mentioned above.

Ruth Lopez stated that the possible crimes became known by the public from different journalistic reports. She also pointed out that the properties mentioned in this case were later donated to the State.

Lopez was referring to the case of an alleged water desalination plant that involves ANDA.

In April of this year, the digital newspaper El Faro published an investigation that revealed that inmates were building on land on Las Hojas beach, owned by Marta Mileydi Campos, a trusted person of Alma Yanira Meza, mother of Oziris Luna Meza (director of Penal Centers.)

“The law is clear, certain requirements must be established to be able to deliver real estate, in this case transferring real estate to third parties under certain parameters,” expressed Lopez.

It is not the first time that the director of Penal Centers, Oziris Luna Meza, has been mentioned in alleged corruption cases. He was also accused of allegedly selling 42,000 bags of food intended for those affected by the pandemic.

Luna’s mother, Alma Yanira Meza Olivares, has also been accused of acts of corruption.

According to Ruth Lopez, the Prosecutor’s Office should investigate these cases; since they have serious signs of corruption.

The fight against corruption begins by not allowing impunity and by a commitment to transparency.” Ruth Lopez.

Cristosal hopes that the Prosecutor’s Office will initiate investigations and criminal proceedings against those individuals involved in corruption.