Costa Rica. One of the best countries to visit in Central America.

Costa Rica

If you’re looking for an endless expanse of natural beauty full of vibrant rainforests, stunning beaches, and magical destinations, then look no further. Costa Rica is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

In today’s post, we’ve included a few significant things you need to know about this gorgeous country, ranging from places to go, the cultural scene, the most delicious cuisine and of course, how to get there.

Getting To Costa Rica

To begin with, Costa Rica has two main international airports: the first called Juan Santamaria (SJO), and it is located just outside San Jose, and the second called Daniel Oduber (LIR) which is near the city of Liberia in the north. Significantly, Juan Santamaria handles the majority of international flights in Costa Rica.

Another key point to note is that a lot of flights coming into Costa Rica have to pass through the U.S; therefore, travelers must meet U.S. entry regulations on the way.



Below are some valuable tips to note when planning your travels:
When departing from Costa Rica, travelers need to pay a departure fee of approximately $29 U.S. dollars. This can be paid via cash or credit card in dollars or colones.

You can enter Costa Rica through its many cruise lines and ports too. Some common ones include Princess Cruises, the Royal Caribbean and more.

Airfares are highest from July to mid-January. They are less during the rainy season (May to November) and are higher on weekends compared to weekdays.

Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of exotic forests and relaxing beaches; every inch of the country is truly blessed by nature. No matter the length of your stay, be sure to visit the iconic places below! You’ll be aching to come back and visit some more.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Enveloped in clouds and singing with the tunes of exotic birds and animals, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve rightly earns the top spot of Costa Rica’s most beautiful travel destinations.

The reserve is located in Central Costa Rica and consists of lush jungle and green mountain scene. Bask in the fantastic forest biodiversity, tour the gorgeous canopy, or enjoy the adrenaline rush of ziplining – there’s a tremendous activity here for every traveler.



Playa Jaco

Time to hit the beaches! Costa Rica is famous for its sandy beaches and surfing waves, there’s no better beach for you to visit first than Playa Jaco.

Located just two hours from the city of San Jose, Playa Jaco boasts smooth sandy beaches, a bunch of great activities and a sizzling nightlife too. Spend your day surfing and put on your dancing shoes at night; there’s literally no end to the fun you can have.

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Ever wanted to see a volcano up close? Now’s your chance! Arenal Volcano, near La Fortuna, used to be Costa Rica’s most active volcano before 2010. The small explosions caused mind-blowing shows of spewing lava that entranced visitors for ages.

Don’t worry though; the volcano has been lying dormant for the past nine years. The spectacular forestry and natural beauty around the spot still make it an excellent destination for sightseeing and enjoyable activities.

Costa Rica’s Cuisine

Healthy at its most delicious is probably the best way to describe Costa Rican cuisine. The amazing palettes here are influenced heavily by the raging biodiversity and fresh local fruits and vegetables. The cuisine is mostly light and amazing to taste.

To begin with, be sure to try a Casado dish on your travels! Consisting of rice, black beans, salad, and tortillas. Casado is rightfully the most popular dish on the menu. The item can be found at almost every diner across the country and has the iconic rice and black bean combo that every traveler must try.



Looking for dessert? We can help! Flan is a delicious sweet pudding-like dish made from vanilla, sugar, eggs, and milk. The outer layer is coated in caramel to give you a beautiful burst of sweetness at every bite. You can also try another classic Costa Rican dessert called Arroz Con Leche – the delicious white treat is primarily made from milk and rice along with sugar, salt, lemon zest, and cinnamon.

Culture in Costa Rica

The culture of Costa Rica is a vibrant blend of Spanish colonial influences along with Jamaican, and a colorful combination of dozens of other races and cultures.

The people here have become openly accepting, happy and laid back as a result. Costa Rica disbanded its army decades ago and is the epitome of peace in Central America.

In any case, for your next vacation, be sure to include this fantastic, colorful country into your list – the beauty of Costa Rica awaits!

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