Construction of El Salvador’s first Forensic Research Center concludes

By Eddie Galdamez
Friday, February 26th, 2021 11:00 am
Forensic Center
Nayib Bukele Press conference. Photo by @SecPrensaSV

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, supervised this Thursday the facilities of the future Police Forensic Investigation Center (CIF), located in the Nuevo Cuscatlan municipality in La Libertad.

The newly built Forensic Research Center is the first of its kind in El Salvador. “What existed before was very limited; the investigations did not reach much because there were no areas of technology and forensic support,” said Nayib Bukele.

The Forensic research center will help solve criminal cases by including forensic analysis. It would help the police and attorney general find and prosecute those responsible for criminal acts.

According to the Press Secretary of the Presidency, “the Government of the President Nayib Bukele has invested more than $27 million in the new Forensic Research Center.”

“The Forensic Research Center is an example of the Government’s efforts to equip the National Police PNC with the necessary tools to fight crime,” said the President.

Furthermore, president Bukele stressed that the construction of the infrastructure was carried out in record time. In a short time, investigators will use it to support the forensic investigations of the National Civil Police PNC.

The Forensic lab is part of the President’s Territorial Control Plan; it will have a ballistic comparison microscope, a ballistic identification system, a scanning electron microscope, and a DNA analysis system. All of this equipment will help solve crimes, expressed the President.

The new Forensic Research Center will be an essential tool for the National Civil Police in the fight against crime; it will strengthen the institution’s investigative work regarding the processing of evidence of different crimes.

During the press conference, president Bukele communicated that it is necessary to finance phase III of the Territorial Control Plan; “Clear proof of phase III is what you see here, financed by our friends, our allies,” said Bukele.

Even though El Salvador ended 2020 with 1058 or 44.2% fewer homicides than 2019, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly has declined the financing of president Bukele’s territorial Control Plan.

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