China announces the start of projects on the coastal zone of La Libertad

By Karla Ramos
Sunday, February 28th, 2021 12:22 am
La Libertad pier
Port of La Libertad. Photo by @MITURElSalvador

Yesterday, the Chinese ambassador to El Salvador Ou Jianhong announced via Twitter Message the start of projects to benefit the Salvadoran coastal zone around the La Libertad Pier.

“We congratulate the Government of El Salvador for constructing the Road to Surf City, and we announce the start of work on one of the cooperation projects signed during President Bukele’s visit to China. A project that will further benefit this area” said the ambassador.

President Bukele visited China in December 2019; China’s President Xi Jinping received him, and during the visit, Bukele signed agreements in different areas that would benefit the country. At that time, Bukele announced that China granted El Salvador immense non-reimbursable cooperation.

A project announced that would benefit the coastal area is the restoration and expansion of the La Libertad port dock and the remodeling of its surroundings. For example, a drinking water system and a sewage system, a line of pedestrian streets, sidewalks, parks, and boardwalks.

The ultimate goal is to make the area surrounding the La Libertad pier into an international tourist attraction, with restaurants, cafes, shops, and rides. This project is related to president Bukele’s Surf City project.

In addition to the work that is about to start in the coastal area, the Chinese government also will be building a new national stadium, a national library, a plant to make Lake Ilopango’s water drinkable, and the restoration of the Joya de Ceren archaeological site.

In her message, Ambassador Jianhong included a video showcasing the work to be done; you can view the video by Clicking here.

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