Most Dangerous Places in El Salvador

The 10 Most Dangerous Places In El Salvador in 2024, Based on Homicides

Over the last few years, El Salvador has made tremendous strides in security improvement. The country has gone from one of the most dangerous in Latin America to one of the safest. This security improvement has increased in the first three months of 2024. From January 1 to March 31, … Read more

Nuestro Tiempo and Cambio Democrático Political Parties

Nuestro Tiempo and Cambio Democratico Political Parties to Face Cancelation Proceedings

It has been approximately a month since the conclusion of the 2024 elections. The political parties that secured seats in the legislative assembly appear to be gearing up for the upcoming governing term. On the other hand, the political parties, such as GANA, FMLN, NT, and CD, which participated in … Read more

Holy Friday in Sensuntepeque. Image by Alcaldia Sensuntepeque.

Sensuntepeque With the Largest Street Carpet in El Salvador During the Procession of the Holy Burial

Creating street carpets for the Holy Burial procession on Good Friday is one of the most symbolic traditions in El Salvador’s Holy Week celebrations. The highly decorated street rugs during Holy Week are one of the traditions and expressions of faith that many Salvadorans still keep alive, specifically in cities … Read more

Talcigüines of Texistepeque

Los Talcigüines of Texistepeque: A Salvadoran Holy Week Tradition Worth Experiencing

Every year’s Holy Monday, the famous Talcigüines of Texistepeque take to the streets dressed in red and whip visitors and locals alike to cleanse their sins. The whip-wielding demons hitting people is a cultural tradition of Texistepeque in the Santa Ana North municipality. The Talcigüines of Texistepeque are part of … Read more

ARENA Political Party

Dramatic Decline: The ARENA Political Party Lost 79.25% of Votes in the 2024 Presidential Elections

In the 2024 presidential election, the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) political party experienced a significant decrease of 79.25% in votes compared to the 2019 election. The once-influential political party obtained only 177,881 votes in the 2024 presidential elections, marking a substantial decrease of 679,203 votes compared to the 857,084 it … Read more

Salvadoran Defense Minister Rene Merino Monroy

Opinion: El Salvador’s Gang Crackdown Is Working, but Criticism Over Human Rights Violations Continues

March 27, 2024, will be the second anniversary of the State of Exception, a security measure directed as a gang crackdown that has resulted in the arrest of over 75,000 alleged gang members and contributors. The drastic security measure by the Bukele administration began in late March 2022 after a … Read more

El Salvador challenges and concerns

El Salvador’s Challenges and Concerns: What Concerns Salvadorans the Most in 2024?

It is 2024, an election year in El Salvador. The spotlight has been and will continue to be on President Bukele’s inevitable re-election and the democratic direction of the country; however, this political landscape is not a primary concern for most Salvadorans. El Salvador’s challenges and concerns in 2024 are … Read more