Don Omar and Daddy Yankee

Reggaetón, the Latin American ambassador to the world

Being on the photo cover of Time magazine is something that very few public figures in any field achieve; much less in a language other than English, and from a Latin musical genre. But that was exactly what Bad Bunny achieved in March 2023. A month earlier, the Puerto Rican artist starred in the opening ceremony of the Grammy Awards. Bad Bunny, ‘el conejo malo’, was the Latin …Read more

Education in El Salvador.

Education in El Salvador. Statistics and Problems that Need Solving

In 2023, El Salvador is experiencing levels of security never seen before, or at least not in the last 30-plus years. This improved security is good news for Salvadorans. However, it will not help solve the country’s financial and poverty problems unless the country’s education improves. Education in El Salvador … Read more

El Mozote massacre Monument

Trial of the El Mozote massacre could change El Salvador’s history

The arrest of Roberto Antonio Garay Saravia, a former Salvadoran Army officer by American authorities, could add fuel to the El Mozote massacre case. It has been over 41 years since this dreadful massacre happened, and Salvadorans are still waiting to know what transpired and who did it. The massacre case was reopened in 2016 after 35 years of … Read more

Top things to do in San Salvador

Top 15 things to do in San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador

The best things to do in San Salvador are to explore the historic district, visit the National Cathedral, learn about the country’s history at the National Palace, taste the local gastronomy, explore the iconic plazas, go shopping at the local markets, visit a museum, and enjoy the nightlife. San Salvador, … Read more

Poverty in El Salvador.

Poverty in El Salvador, an Issue that Leads to Crime and Migration

Poverty in El Salvador is an issue that numerous Salvadoran families and individuals fight continuously; many have battled with poverty issues for a really long time. These poverty problems might worsen in 2023 due to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, the global supply chain crisis, and the slowdown of world trade. El … Read more