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Moving to El Salvador

Living in El Salvador. Top reasons for moving to El Salvador.

Living in El Salvador is the right choice; every year, many people from different nations choose to make El Salvador their new home. Life in El Salvador is a unique … Read more

Social Media in Salvadoran politics

The influence of Social Media in Salvadoran politics.

Politicians can’t overestimate the influence of social media in Salvadoran politics anymore. To have the potential of getting elected or re-elected, politicians have to be on social media. They need … Read more

Poverty in El Salvador

Poverty in El Salvador, an issue that leads to crime, migration, and health issues.

Poverty in El Salvador is expected to increase in 2021. The international monetary fund, IMF, estimates a -4.3 GDP growth in 2020. The world bank states that the COVID19 pandemic … Read more

Nayib Bukele security plan

Is the Nayib Bukele administration negotiating with Gangs?

In its first 14 months in office, the Nayib Bukele administration has achieved a historic reduction in the number of homicides in the country. President Bukele attributes the decline of … Read more

Pollution in El Salvador

Pollution in El Salvador. The trash problem we can’t ignore.

Pollution in El Salvador is a pressing problem that is growing dangerously every year. The trash problem the country has right now is one of the principal reasons pollution is … Read more

El Salvador politics

El Salvador politics. Getting ready for the 2021 elections.

In 2020, El Salvador Politics are on display around the world. Politics in El Salvador seem to be in crisis. There are disagreement and fighting between branches of the government, … Read more

Marijuana in El Salvador

Marijuana in El Salvador. Is Marijuana legal in El Salvador?

Is weed legal in El Salvador? No, it is not. Salvadoran laws say that it is illegal to produce, sell, and carry any kind of marijuana product in El Salvador, … Read more

best places to live in El Salvador

Best places to live in El Salvador. Here are ten of them!

The best places to live in El Salvador are San Salvador, La Libertad, Santa Ana, Santa Tecla, Antiguo Cuscatlan, Suchitoto, Juayua, El Tunco, Ahuachapan, and Chalatenango. Other cities around the … Read more

Transportation in El Salvador

What is the best mode of transportation in El Salvador?

The best mode of transportation in El Salvador is to drive yourself, followed by taking taxis, shuttles, uber’s, and public transportation. However, depending on your location or the final destination … Read more

How to make money in El Salvador

How to make money in El Salvador? Three options to consider.

Three options available on how to make money in El Salvador are to get a high paying job, open your own business, or work from home as a freelancer. Making … Read more