Political NEWS

Legislative Assembly deputies

Salvadoran Legislative recommends the dismissal of Bukele’s Health Minister.

A legislative Assembly special commission created to investigated the systematic irregular actions of the Executive Branch, affecting the treatment, prevention, and combat of the pandemic, released a partial report on … Read more

January Survey

Final poll before the El Salvador elections shows Nuevas Ideas as the big winner.

Nuevas Ideas, the political party created by president Nayib Bukele is posed to become the big winner in the upcoming legislative elections, according to the latest poll released by the … Read more

Mario Ponce

El Salvador opposition reverses their position to remove president Bukele.

One day after ARENA’s deputy Ricardo Velasquez Parker introduced a petition to have president’s Bukele mental health evaluated so that he can be removed from office. Predominant members of both … Read more

Deputy Velasquez Parker

Salvadoran legislators start the process to remove Nayib Bukele from office.

On Tuesday, January 9th, the anniversary of the time Nayib Bukele entered the Salvadoran Legislative accompanied by military personal. Deputy Ricardo Velasquez Parker introduced a petition to have president Nayib … Read more


Deadly attack on FMLN activists turns into a political issue in El Salvador.

On Sunday, January 31st, a truck carrying FMLN activists was attacked by three individuals in San Salvador. The deadly attack left two activists dead and others injured. One of the … Read more

New Ideas political party

New Ideas political party in great shape ahead of crucial elections in El Salvador.

The New ideas political party has positioned itself as the predominant winner in the upcoming February 28th elections. The most recent polls show that the party founded by president Nayib … Read more

Legislative branch

Salvadoran Legislative Assembly and political parties viewed as the most corrupt.

Legislators looking to win reelection in the upcoming legislative elections have to deal with the perception of corruption Salvadorans have of the legislative branch and the traditional political parties. The … Read more