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Ernesto Muyshondt

Salvadoran Police arrests Ernesto Muyshondt, former mayor of San Salvador

Last Friday, June 6, the Salvadoran Police arrested Ernesto Muyshondt, the former mayor of San Salvador, for crimes related to misappropriation of employee earnings. The arrest order was issued by the office of the Salvadoran attorney General. Muyshondt’s arrest took place outside the Isidro Menéndez Judicial Center. The former … Read more

Sigfrido Reyes property

FGR announces seizing of seven properties belonging to FMLN’s Sigfrido Reyes

The Salvadoran Attorney General’s Office (FGR) confirmed this Wednesday that it has proceeded to seize seven real estate properties belonging to FMLN’s Sigfrido Reyes, accused of corruption. The total worth of the properties is approximately more than $2 million, said the prosecutor in the case. Sigfrido Reyes, a high-ranking … Read more

Forensic Center

Construction of El Salvador’s first Forensic Research Center concludes

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, supervised this Thursday the facilities of the future Police Forensic Investigation Center (CIF), located in the Nuevo Cuscatlan municipality in La Libertad. The newly built Forensic Research Center is the first of its kind in El Salvador. “What existed before was very … Read more


Deadly attack on FMLN activists turns into a political issue in El Salvador.

On Sunday, January 31st, a truck carrying FMLN activists was attacked by three individuals in San Salvador. The deadly attack left two activists dead and others injured. One of the attackers was also wounded in the incident. The investigation into the incident leads the Salvadoran National Police “PNC” to … Read more

Ana Ligia de Saca

Ex-first lady Ligia de Saca to face trial for money laundering in El Salvador

This Tuesday, February 2, the trial against the former first lady Ana Ligia de Saca and 12 others accused of laundering $ 17,500,000 of public funds started in San Salvador. According to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), $ 17.5 million was taken from public funds and transferred to bank … Read more