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How can Salvadorans vote in elections

How can Salvadorans vote in elections? The next elections are in 2024

How can Salvadorans vote in elections? Salvadorans within the country can vote in all public elections at the designated polling place in the municipality they reside. Salvadorans living abroad can vote via the internet and at designated locations such as consulates and embassies; however, some restrictions may apply. To cast … Read more

President Nayib Bukele

Opinion: Why most Salvadorans want Bukele’s re-election despite his growing authoritarianism

A Salvadoran perspective on why people want to re-elect the controversial president. On El Salvador’s Independence Day on September 15, President Nayib Bukele publicly announced that he would run for the presidency again in 2024. This statement didn’t surprise anyone but drew criticism from many parts. Local and international organizations, media outlets, politicians, reporters, and … Read more

Best Small Towns in El Salvador

10 of the best small towns in El Salvador to visit anytime

The small towns in El Salvador offer visitors a combination of modern amenities in a colonial setting that fully displays the country’s history. In these towns, visitors can see glimpses of the country’s past, such as the colonial times and, most recently, the armed conflict of the 1980s. The best … Read more

El Salvador Culture

El Salvador culture. Getting to know Salvadoran Culture.

El Salvador culture is a blend of Spanish and Native American cultures that began during colonial times. The modern Salvadoran culture today is influenced heavily by Latin American, United States, and European cultures. In the last 40 years, over 3 million Salvadorans have lived outside the country, most of them … Read more

Suchitoto El Salvador

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In El Salvador For A Tourist

El Salvador is a good choice if you plan to have some adventurous experiences. Most people ignore El Salvador since they often choose options like California and New York in America.  Despite being the smallest country in Central America, this area is filled with beautiful volcanoes and beaches, making it … Read more

Trash Problem in El Salvador

Opinion: People who throw garbage on the street should get fined, but more needs to be done

The trash issue in El Salvador has been around for years and continues to expand. This problem becomes more visible during the rainy season, especially in urban areas; it blocks drainages that usually result in floodings, among other things. On August 30th, deputy Rodrigo Ayala introduced a bill to the … Read more

Moving to El Salvador

Living in El Salvador. Top Reasons for Moving to El Salvador

Living in El Salvador is an excellent option; year after year, many people from different nations choose to make the smallest country in Central America their new home. Life in El Salvador is a unique and attractive experience worth exploring. Moving to El Salvador is a good option mainly because … Read more