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Norman Quijano

Judge orders prosecution and arrest of Norman Quijano for illicit activities

Yesterday, May 6, the Seventh Justice of the Peace Court of San Salvador ordered the capture of the former ARENA party deputy, Norman Quijano, charged with electoral fraud for negotiating with gangs in exchange for votes in the 2014 … Read more

COVID-19 vaccines

All Salvadoran teachers will receive the COVID-19 vaccine before schools reopening

Last Saturday, President Nayib Bukele announced that starting tomorrow, Tuesday, the COVID-19 vaccination of public school teachers will start. “We will vaccinate all of our teachers before going back to school. We will start this Tuesday. Our goal is … Read more


Salvadoran prosecutors raid offices at the Legislative Assembly

On Tuesday, the Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office began raiding the Legislative Assembly to investigate accusations that the parliamentary branch has employees who don’t show up to work but get paid. The raid began around noon on Tuesday at the Legislative’s … Read more

Legislative Assembly

Controversy regarding ghost employees at the Legislative Assembly increases in El Salvador

Controversy over ghost employees in the Legislative Assembly is increasing. The Legislative Assembly employees union made a public statement last week denouncing that half of the current employees do not show up to work but get paid. In less … Read more


After more than a year, El Salvador announces school reopening

The Salvadoran authorities announced that as of April 6, all public and private schools would be able to reopen their doors as long as they meet the government’s required safety requirements. According to the authorities, attending in-person classes will … Read more

women march

Women march in El Salvador before International Women’s Day

Yesterday, a day before International Women’s Day. A group of Salvadoran women took to the streets to demonstrate against violence and inequality. They demand a more significant effort from the Salvadoran authorities to eradicate the different expressions of violence … Read more

Sigfrido Reyes property

FGR announces seizing of seven properties belonging to FMLN’s Sigfrido Reyes

The Salvadoran Attorney General’s Office (FGR) confirmed this Wednesday that it has proceeded to seize seven real estate properties belonging to FMLN’s Sigfrido Reyes, accused of corruption. The total worth of the properties is approximately more than $2 million, … Read more


Election’s final voter scrutiny begins in El Salvador; it could last up to five days

Yesterday, the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) authorities began the final scrutiny process to firmly declare the results of Sunday’s legislative and municipal elections. The electoral body swore in the members of the 49 tables that will carry out … Read more

La Libertad pier

China announces the start of projects on the coastal zone of La Libertad

Yesterday, the Chinese ambassador to El Salvador Ou Jianhong announced via Twitter Message the start of projects to benefit the Salvadoran coastal zone around the La Libertad Pier. “We congratulate the Government of El Salvador for constructing the Road … Read more

Legislative Assembly

Legislative Assembly to study elimination of statutes of limitations for illicit enrichment crimes

A group of Salvadoran Legislators introduced a motion to amend the Constitution and eliminate the statute of limitations on illicit enrichment crimes by public officials or employees. The motion promoted by the Legislative Assembly president, deputy Mario Ponce, with … Read more