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Caracas Venezuela

Unfreedom Monitor Report: Venezuela

Since 2007, democracy and freedom of expression in Venezuela have been disrupted through severe censorship and legal strategies against traditional and independent media, and the reductions of separation of powers to the point where they are practically nonexistent. In this context, the role of digital and social media are fundamental elements to overcome the government’s dominance of … Read more

Quito Ecuador

Unfreedom Monitor Report: Ecuador

The report’s three research topics, seen through the lens of digital authoritarianism, reveal practices that could affect democratic life in Ecuador. Although there was harassment and persecution during Correa’s decade (2007–2017), narrowing the data to Correa’s specific political ideology may hamper the understanding and analysis of the Ecuadorian context … Read more

This new, trending Cuban song calls for artists to speak out against the island’s regime

Try as we might to be optimistic in describing Cuba’s current social landscape, it really is bleak. The inhabitants of the island are emotionally and psychologically drained. With unprecedented inflation, the dollarization of the economy, supply and medicine shortages, endless blackouts, increased insecurity and social inequalities, or worse still, the regime’s systematic repression of those who speak out, analysts … Read more

Don Omar and Daddy Yankee

Reggaetón, the Latin American ambassador to the world

Being on the photo cover of Time magazine is something that very few public figures in any field achieve; much less in a language other than English, and from a Latin musical genre. But that was exactly what Bad Bunny achieved in March 2023. A month earlier, the Puerto Rican artist starred in the opening ceremony of the Grammy Awards. Bad Bunny, ‘el conejo malo’, was the Latin …Read more

Costa Rica Violence

Cocaine and Marijuana Fuel Ever-Higher Homicides in Costa Rica

Drugs gangs battling over control of Costa Rica’s cocaine trafficking infrastructure and the domestic marijuana market are fueling an increase in violence in the country, which last year saw its highest-ever homicide rate. Between the start of the year and April 27, Costa Rica has recorded a 36% increase in homicides compared to the same period last year, according to the Judicial Investigation … Read more