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Concepcion de Ataco El Salvador

Concepcion de Ataco El Salvador, a colorful mountain town

Concepcion de Ataco El Salvador, also known simply as Ataco, is a colorful mountain town located in the department of Ahuachapan. Ataco, for many reasons, is one of the most visited small cities in the country; one of the main reasons is that it is part of the famous Ruta de Las Flores touristic route, … Read more

Salcoatitan El Salvador

Salcoatitan El Salvador, a colorful small town in Sonsonate

Salcoatitan El Salvador is a small colorful town located in the department of Sonsonate. Salcoatitan is popular with those looking for a place with a colder climate, local traditions, and small-town appeal; furthermore, Salcoatitan is one of the six cities on the well-known Ruta de La Flores touristic route. Salcoatitan in Nahuatl language means The … Read more

San Sebastian El Salvador

San Sebastian El Salvador. Looms, hammocks, and textiles.

San Sebastian El Salvador is a small town well-known for its production of colorful looms, hammocks, and textiles. These local crafts have beautiful and unique designs with fantastic vivid colors; they are created by locals who have learned the craft-making process from previous generations. San Sebastian has many local shops where visitors can see and … Read more

Perquin Morazan

The municipality and city of Perquin in Morazan El Salvador.

Perquin Morazan is a colorful municipality located near the Honduran border that has great ecotourist activities, in addition to fantastic history and exceptional cultural traditions. Also, Perquin is the principal city in the popular tourist route known as the peace route. The municipality became known, locally and internationally, mainly because of the civil war of … Read more

Panchimalco El Salvador

Panchimalco El Salvador. Colonial Town near San Salvador

Panchimalco El Salvador is a colorful Pre-Columbian town nestled in the mountains of San Salvador. This attractive town is worth visiting because of its historical importance to the country and its cultural traditions. Panchimalco is one of the two cities in the country that still has deep links to the indigenous Salvadoran people, the other … Read more

Nahuizalco El Salvador

Nahuizalco El Salvador, a colorful colonial town in Sonsonate

Nahuizalco in El Salvador is a remarkable small colonial town full of indigenous traditions and customs, it has an unbelievable history that is imprinted all over the city. The community of Pre-Hispanic origins welcomes visitors with open arms and smiles. Nahuizalco is a town of pre-hispanic origins ideal for visiting and exploring, the city is … Read more