Places in El Salvador

12 Places to visit in El Salvador. Get to know them today.

The best places to visit in El Salvador are the colorful towns of Apaneca, Juayua, or Suchitoto. Also, natural areas such as the Cerro Verde National park and the Planes of Renderos. Urban areas such as Santa Ana or … Read more

Chalchuapa El SalvadorChalchuapa El Salvador

Chalchuapa El Salvador. Historic municipality in Santa Ana.

Chalchuapa El Salvador is a town and a municipality of great importance to the country; it is home to major archaeological sites such as El Tazumal, Casablanca, Trapiche, Las Victorias, Pampe, and Amulunga. It is located in the department … Read more

Barra de Santiago El Salvador

Barra de Santiago El Salvador. Ocean, estuary, and river mouth.

The Barra de Santiago is a fascinating place were the ocean, estuary, and river mouth, come together. The Barra de Santiago has a beautiful beach and a protected wetland area that is surrounded by different types of mangroves. This … Read more

Churches in El Salvador

10 Churches in El Salvador you definitely should visit.

The churches in El Salvador are incredible, they have beautiful styles such as Colonial, Gothic, Baroque, Early Christian, and Modern. Also, each church has an astonishing history that appeals to all kinds of visitors. Religious and non-religious people get … Read more

Planes de Renderos El Salvador

Planes de Renderos El Salvador, fantastic natural location.

The Planes de Renderos El Salvador is an excellent place to unwind, enjoy nature, explore the natural parks, and do all kinds of ecotourist activities. Additionally, it has an all-embracing climate that fits all types of visitors. A visit … Read more

Gulf of Fonseca El Salvador

Gulf of Fonseca El Salvador, an astonishing body of water.

The Gulf of Fonseca El Salvador or Golfo de Fonseca in Spanish is an astonishing tri-national body of water shared between Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. The Gulf is located in the eastern part of El Salvador, in the … Read more

Family-friendly attractions in San Salvador

6 Popular Family-Friendly Attractions in San Salvador.

Looking for some fun Family friendly attractions in San Salvador? El Salvador is known for being the smallest country in Central America, but that’s exactly why it’s perfect for the family. All of the fun things to do are … Read more