Santa Ana Cathedral in El Salvador

The Santa Ana Cathedral in El Salvador. Impressive Neo-Gothic church.

The Santa Ana Cathedral in El Salvador or “Catedral de la Señora Santa Ana” is a neo-Gothic church located in the city of Santa Ana. This Cathedral, of great cultural value to the municipality of Santa Ana and the entire country, was declared a national monument of El Salvador in 1995. Today’s modern Cathedral sits … Read more

Travel to El Salvador

El Salvador Landmarks. Most Famous Landmarks in El Salvador

El Salvador landmarks are impressive. The most famous landmarks in El Salvador are the Divine Savior of the World Monument, The National Cathedral, The National Palace, the Santa Ana Cathedral, Plaza Gerardo Barrios, Plaza Libertad, Coatepeque Lake, the Cathedral of San Miguel, and El Rosario Church. El Salvador is home to numerous iconic landmarks, which … Read more

Rosario Church El Salvador

The El Rosario Church in San Salvador. Amazing Modern Temple!

El Rosario Church or Iglesia del Rosario is a modern catholic church located in the San Salvador Historic District. El Rosario has a modern architectural design that breaks away from the traditional style of Salvadoran catholic churches. From the outside, the church looks more like an airport hangar or a concrete bunker than a worship … Read more

Famous Buildings El Salvador

What are the most famous buildings in El Salvador?

The most famous buildings in El Salvador are the National Palace, the National Theater, The Santa Ana Theater, the Presidential home or CAPRES, and the Legislative Assembly building. These buildings are significant for different reasons, such as their history and the role they played or continue to play within the country. On this list, I … Read more

San Salvador Cathedral

The San Salvador Cathedral. Historical Salvadoran Church.

The San Salvador Cathedral or Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior is the main church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Salvador; it is home to the San Salvador Archbishop and is located at the heart of the San Salvador Historic District. Today, the Metropolitan Cathedral has a unique look, way different than your … Read more