Can the Salvadoran government prevent a citizen from leaving the country?

September 13th, 2019

Of course not, as a Salvadoran, I have the right to leave the country whenever I feel like it. As long as I have a valid passport and I am not wanted by the country, the government can’t prevent me from leaving.

This is another HOT topic that is making the news in El Salvador.

This is a headline by APNews, “El Salvador sends police, soldiers to patrol border” Click Here!

Yes, it’s true, police and military personal are being sent to the border as a way of preventing illegal activities. However, this does mean that they can’t prevent you from leaving El Salvador.

I live in a small town in El Salvador, and since I speak English and have been outside the country, I get asked a lot of questions. One of the questions I have asked a lot lately is about the police and military at the border.

This is a question someone asked me this morning, “I want to go to the US, but with more police and military at the border, “I am afraid they will not let me trough; what should I do?” Of course, my answer was, why wouldn’t they let you leave the country? It makes no sense!

The only reason you can be prevented from leaving the country is if you have an outstanding arrest warrant or don’t have the proper documentation, a passport.

This is a hot topic because of politics, one side is trying to misrepresent what the other side is doing. I just don’t like it when bad information affects humble people.

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