Can AI Be Trained Homework Assignments Writers?

Artificial intelligence is already essential to the writing profession. It is much easier to write quality texts with all the software that can check your grammar and spot plagiarism. But lately, it has come so far as composing content based on keywords or even whole academic essays with proper citations. 

Thus, writers are kept on their toes for further developments that can potentially leave them without a job. However, can AI be trained homework assignments writers? In other words, can it become an alternative when you need to buy assignment from websites like in the future? Of course, there is a particular algorithm that the machine can follow to compose a text. But it is highly unlikely to replace writers, and here’s why.

Can AI Really Understand Human Language? 

It is a known fact that language is a code. Some particular sequences and structures can be programmed in the machine. That’s how we get software like Google Translate that recognizes said patterns in one language and finds the corresponding ones in another. And that’s how it is possible to “teach” the machine to decode human language.

Still, there’s much more to it than just grammatical structures. Linguistics had emphasized long ago the spontaneity and ever-growing nature of language. For once, it is a great struggle to teach an AI the idea of figurative sense or slang. These features have developed in the rich context of culture and history that cannot be just programmed into AI.

Thus, even if the text is grammatically impeccable, you can tell it was written by a computer. And it would require additional editing of a living and breathing human with a grasp of all the complexities of language. So, even with the newest learning AI models that can adapt to the newly introduced grammatical rule, it is impossible to recreate language.

The same goes for the evaluation of the texts. To analyze the writing style and appropriate tone of writing, you would need a human. No AI be trained grade homework assignments. It can spot grammatical inconsistencies or misuse of informal language. But it cannot comprehensively analyze the essay’s thesis statement or arguments. 

Therefore, even the smartest, most developed AI cannot replace human understanding of the flow and tone of voice. It cannot form an argument to support the thesis statement or evaluate how well the body paragraphs explain the main point. Not to say that it most certainly will not be able to analyze the metaphors in the literary text.

Creativity Dilemma 

Another major point to team “humans” is the creative aspect of writing. Even the most technical texts require a writer to be creative with their approaches and solutions. This is something that AI would never be able to recreate as it only operates within the programmed and existing algorithms.

Notably, the whole point of creativity is opposite to the idea of the algorithm itself. For example, the computer does not understand the idea of the “hook” that grasps the reader’s attention right from the start. And to craft an excellent introduction, any writer needs to start with an attention-grabbing statement. 

Thus, maybe the answer to the question “can AI be trained homework assignments writers?” is yes. But it wouldn’t do the A+ job. So, even the smartest AI cannot replace assignment writers at specialized platforms like AssignmentGuru. Only human experts can craft both engaging and academically appropriate essays. And if you would like to ace through college, you better not expect a computer to help you with this. 

Besides, creativity is what you would need the most to avoid plagiarism issues. AI relies on existing databases. And even with all the paraphrasing possibilities, you’re risking getting plagiarized sentences, at least. Plus, the paraphrasing options that would not sound like nonsense are limited for AI. That cannot be said for the writer.

Creativity cannot be evaluated by the computer as well. AI be trained grade homework assignments has still no grasp of creativity. Thus, it cannot evaluate the creative ideas that a student tried to recreate in their essay. It would be impossible to see the intent and help the student to better their writing or make it more precise.

Efficiency Issue and Price Point

However, the main advantage of AI bots is an increase in efficiency and a significant decrease in the price of the text. Economically, it might be a smart solution to invest in this technology. After all, the answer to “can AI be trained homework assignments writers” is affirmative. Hence, it is possible to complete tons of orders and meet the shortest deadlines.

However, it is not such a great idea. Sure, you can save money by not turning to a professional assignment writing service. But to get quality text, you need at least editors. And in the end, the editors would probably have to do half of the writers’ job when making the text comprehensible and easy to read. 

Another aspect to consider is the disadvantages of investing in AI that writes texts. Taking into account everything listed above, this software is not likely to stand the trials of the writing market. Thus, hiring a team of professionals will benefit a business much more than even the most developed AI in the long run.

Even though professional writers require more resources, they will be capable of producing high-quality texts every time. They are trained to do proper research, find credible sources, and always fact-check the information they use. Thus, you will always end up with a text that is stylistically and academically perfect.

And since your teachers are not AI be trained grade homework assignments, they would appreciate the originality and creativity behind the argumentation in your text. Thus, investing in professionals who also know how to be efficient with their work is the smartest decision for everyone who needs assignment help


So, do not believe in the sci-fi scenarios of computers replacing writers and turning everyone into engineers. Writing professionals will always be needed to produce creative and well-structured texts. Thus, not even the smartest AI could top a writer in composing A+ essays every time.