Bukele Asks Salvadorans to Vote for New Ideas to Protect the Country’s Security Achievements

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Jan 22nd, 2024

Yesterday, Nayib Bukele released a one-minute video on the X social media platform asking that Salvadorans vote for the New Ideas political party to protect the country’s security achievements.

Bukele noted that on this February 4 Legislative election, Salvadorans must protect the country’s security achievements by voting for New Ideas legislators.

At this time, New Ideas has the qualified majority. But with just one less representative, we would lose that majority and put the War Against Gangs at risk because the Exception Regime could not be approved, nor could we elect magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, nor the attorney general, nor deepen the judicial reform; nor approve all the tools that are helping us to win this war. Nayib Bukele.

President Bukele emphasized the need to provide governance from the Legislative Assembly, for which he asked the population to maintain the transformation the country has been experiencing in recent years, promoted by his Government and supported by the Legislative Branch.

Furthermore, Bukele stressed that if New Ideas does not achieve a qualified majority in the Legislative Assembly, “the opposition will be able to achieve its true and only plan, to free the gang members and occupy them to return to power.”

Lastly, the presidential candidate for New Ideas ended the video by emphasizing: “let’s not return to the past, let the path be irreversible. This February 4, let’s all go out and vote.”

Bukele’s video message has received criticism from reporters and the opposition.

“What remains for New Ideas is to lie and defame on the issue of combating gangs. I can tell you and refute those voices that say that if this correlation changes in the Legislative Assembly, the gang members will go free,” remarked FMLN deputy Anabel Belloso in a TV interview.

El Faro reporter Nelson Rauda wrote on his X social media account that “Bukele always plays with urgency.”

Rauda emphasized that Nayib Bukele has made similar live messages to voters in the last two elections, 2019 and 2021.

“The election has no sense of urgency for most voters. What urgency is there if the polls give a difference of almost 70 points in voting intention. He then has to manufacture that sense of urgency. Although he lies about the opposition releasing gang members,” remarked Rauda.