Best Tips For College Freshman To Improve Their Essays

College students should follow a few fundamental guidelines when writing essays. Understanding the assignment, ensuring they comprehend the material, and conversing with classmates are examples of these. Furthermore, they must produce an effective beginning and conclusion to their essays. The tone and language utilized in an essay should also be taken into account. Finally, they should provide sufficient time to revise their essays.


College freshmen can do a few things to boost their writings. The first step is to ensure that they are writing on topics that are meaningful to them. Write about your experience if the essay topic asks you to discuss how your grades have impacted your life. Similarly, if the prompt asks you to describe why you chose a specific college, keep your responses brief and to the point.

Second, be clear about the extracurricular activities in which you have participated. Many admissions officers are concerned with ambiguity in extracurricular activities.

Body paragraphs

One of the most significant portions of your essay is the body paragraph. It must be well-organized and relevant to the preceding paragraph. Furthermore, it must be focused on a single issue. If your issue is complex, it may be wiser to convey it in different paragraphs. Writing services such as can help you to get a better structure for your piece of writing.  Keep in mind that humans absorb information in small bits. Furthermore, they have a habit of taking mental rests at the conclusion of each paragraph.

In general, the body paragraphs of an essay account for one-third to half of the total length of the essay. There are, however, certain exceptions to this rule. A body paragraph, for example, can be longer than a paragraph from another genre of writing. In such circumstances, the body paragraph should have an opening part, a summary of the body paragraphs’ backgrounds, and a clear thesis statement.

Time management

Effective time management is essential for reaching academic goals. It allows pupils to do more work in less time while also reducing stress. It also enables pupils to remain more engaged in their academics. Time management can also allow you to devote more time to hobbies, community involvement, and spending time with friends and family.

Setting goals, arranging work, and evaluating performance are all aspects of time management. Students can ensure they complete their assignments on time by setting realistic deadlines and prioritizing activities. They can also keep themselves from doing unnecessary work or stressing over little things. 

Making a timetable is another crucial part of time management. Important dates should be written down and entered into a calendar by students. These dates are targets for students to meet throughout the year. Students can ensure that they allocate the necessary amount of time for each job by writing these goals down.

Avoiding cliches

Avoiding cliches in college essays might be difficult. Clichés are overused phrases that bring little value to your writing. There are some general principles that will assist you in avoiding cliches in your writing. It is critical to remember that the objective of these essays is to convey information about you as a person, not to list clichés.

The college essay allows you to show your personality, values, and interests. Admissions officers want to know about your personal development, not just your hobbies. It’s fine to write about your hobbies and interests, but avoid overused phrases and words.


If you want to increase your essay writing abilities, you must first learn the best strategies. Essay writing is a difficult skill that necessitates a specific style and format. While the rules and requirements differ from one academic institution to the next, there are some best practices you should follow to improve the appearance of your essay. Learning which tactics work and practicing them will help you score higher.

To engage your audience, employ rhetorical questions. Using quotations might also assist you in demonstrating your reading. Finally, using a thesaurus to identify new terms to employ is a wonderful idea. These tools can be highly beneficial in essay writing and might help you focus on your topic.

Making sure your essay flows fluently is one of the most significant suggestions for improving it. Essays with the good flow are more likely to receive excellent marks. Transition words can also be used to connect sections or paragraphs. They will demonstrate how one paragraph flows into the next. There are numerous types of transition words available. El Salvador has some of the best universities in Central America.