About Nicaragua, find out what this magnificent nation has to offer.

Visit Nicaragua

About Nicaragua, this is a fabulous country with plenty of natural beauty all over that captivates people every day; this nation is an excellent option for taking a vacation or making it your new home. Every year, a large number of foreigners visit or move to this tropical country.

About Nicaragua

It sits in Central America drenched by the Atlantic and the mighty Pacific Ocean. Unquestionably, Nicaragua is a beautiful country that has a Caribbean and Pacific Sea coasts. Furthermore, this nation is gifted with enchanting lakes, smoking volcanoes, flowing beaches, and a rich culture full of unique traditions that make it ideal for visiting or moving to.

Visit Nicaragua and explore fantastic cities.

Managua is the capital of this nation. It sits on the shore of the vast Lake Managua, adding to the allure of this capital is the Momotombo volcano just north of the city.

The next biggest city is Granada located to the south of Managua. This city is well known for its ancient Spanish architecture. Additionally, it attracts more tourists because of its archipelago of islets buzzing with diverse tropical bird life. To leearn more about Managua, click here!



Traveling to Nicaragua.

This country is full of natural places waiting to enchant visitors. There are numerous places to visit and many attractions where visitors can indulge themselves.

Nicaragua is very affordable to fly; therefore, if you plan to visit for your next vacation, you will be surprised to see the extensive choices of cheap flights available.

Getting to Nicaragua is not difficult; there is a vast array of airlines that fly directly from some of the biggest cities, especially in the US. The best option is to use a travel website and find out what is the best route for you to get to Nicaragua from your current location.

Generally, the total cost of visiting will be cheaper than if you visit a more touristy country in Central America, like Costa Rica or Panama.

Due to the weather, the best time to visit this country is from November to April, during the dry season. During this period you can enjoy dry, sunny days with a moderate and pleasant climate that is great for outdoor activities.

Significantly, during this part of the year, a lot of tourists come to the country and enjoy its colonial cities, vast and sunny beaches, volcanoes and natural parks.



Travel to Nicaragua. You will be mesmerized by its natural beauty, diverse culture and the opportunities for adventure in a country that is touched by two of the mighty oceans of the world.

This country offers everything a tourist wants and much more.

Living in Nicaragua

If you compare the cost of living to other Central American countries, Nicaragua will come as one of the cheapest.

According to some reports, it is estimated that a couple can live comfortably in Nicaragua with around US$1,500. Now, if you are prepared to spend more, you can live a more luxurious life. On the other hand, if you are on a lower budget. You can go way lower of US$1,500 and live a more normal life, just like most Nicaraguans do.


Though Nicaragua is an agriculture-based country, it depends mostly on tourism as the primary source of income.

As per the past estimates, Nicaragua yearly entertains more than 1.3 million tourists. These visitors come from other countries in Central America, the US, Canada, and Europe.



The economy in Nicaragua is getting better, nonetheless as of 2019 is still the most impoverished country in Central America. Nicaragua is the country that produces less in the region and has one of the lowest minimum wages.

Enjoy the fantastic cuisine

Whether you are Traveling to or living in Nicaragua. The range of cuisine available in this nation is extensive, you will be delighted with the choices of food available to satisfy your appetite.

As Nicaragua’s culture is so diverse, so is its cuisine. All of the numerous cultures have had a tremendous impact on Nicaraguan cuisine. It wouldn’t be surprising to find variations of the same dishes in different regions of the country.

More about Nicaragua.

To sum up, Nicaragua is the land of lakes and volcanoes. Additionally, this nation is well known for the many things that can be done or seen while visiting or residing.

To emphasize, huge lakes, the pleasant tropical climate, fantastic year-round surfing conditions, tasty food that fits your budget, are just some of the reason people visit o move to Nicaragua.

This country is an excellent destination for all those who love sunshine, sand, and shining water. And Once you have visited this country, you will have some envy of those living in Nicaragua.

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