100 days with coronavirus in El Salvador. How is the country doing?

By Eddie. June 28th, 2020

It has been about 100 days since patient zero entered the country illegally through a blind spot. Obviously, it was inevitable that the virus was going to enter El Salvador; however, it just upsets me that this person didn’t care enough to go to quarantine like many others.

Throughout these 100 days, the country has been through a lot. We have gotten used to a different way of living. Many of us haven’t been out of the house in weeks; on the other hand, some of us don’t care and go out anyways. These 100 days have made us make hard choices.


The questions are, how is the country doing? How do we compare to other Central American nations? The answer will vary depending on who you ask?

How is the country doing?

Getting an answer to how the country is doing during these 100 days is difficult. Everyone has an opinion on this matter; the political affiliation and their current circumstances weigh heavily on their answers.



The following answers to the question of how the country is doing are a general consensus of different influential groups in the country. They include President Bukele and the government; and the two major political parties, ARENA and FMLN.

President Nayib Bukele and the government.

Taking into consideration the president’s twits over the last three months. I can conclude that he and his administration believe that they have taken the right steps and that the country is doing just okay.

Nevertheless, it seems that they feel that the country could be doing better; if the Salvadoran Congress and the Salvadoran constitutional chamber would help his administration instead of blocking him.

President Bukele seems to believe that the country is heading towards hard times; this is due to the opening of the economy and the general assembly blocking all the things he wants to do to fight the pandemic.

ARENA, the right-wing political party.

Most members of this political party seem to believe that the country is doing okay, but it could be doing much better.

They argue that they have given President Bukele plenty of money and all the tools necessary to fight the pandemic. However, it seems that they think that the president has no actual plan to fight the virus and that public money is not being used properly.



The general consensus among the high ranking members of the political party is that President Bukele is most interested in making them look bad to the general public rather than fighting the pandemic. After all, the next election is eight months away.

FMLN, the communist political party.

There is no way of sugar-coating this; the FMLN political party seems to believe that the country is not doing well at all, and the person to blame is the president.

The general consensus among their political members is that the president is clueless when it comes to having a plan to fight this pandemic. Additionally, they believe, just like ARENA, that the president is misusing public funds.

Who do we side with?

Which of the three answers do we agree with? There is no way of creating a general consensus of how the Salvadoran people think the country is doing.

Nevertheless, the latest polls show that a large percentage of Salvadorans agree with the president.

How do we compare to other Central American nations?

Most of the countries in Central America got their first confirmed positive case of Coronavirus in early March; El Salvador got its first case on March 18th.



If we compare the cases El Salvador has to the other Central American nations, we are doing okay. In the Central American numbers, I am leaving Nicaragua out as their reporting seems to be erratic.

As of today, June 27th, 2020, El Salvador has the following numbers.


Even though we got the first positive case almost at the same time as other countries in Central America. We have 24,931 less confirmed cases than Panama, 11,200 less than Honduras, and 10,670 less than Guatemala.

All in all, only Costa Rica has less confirmed cases than we do; they have 2,748 fewer positive cases.

My point of view on how the country is doing on these 100 days.

My personal opinion is that the country is doing okay thus far. Yes, we have about 5,727 confirmed cases as of today. However, we could be doing much worse if we compare it to other Central American nations.

Additionally, I believe things will get much worse before they get better. So, let’s make sure we take this pandemic seriously; let’s give extra effort in protecting ourselves and our families. Visit the coronavirus in El Salvador page to get the latest info on this pandemic.


  1. The president needs to ask people to vote and stop doing any photo ops like Trump administration. When people vote that is the democracy. People needs to have a preferential voting option so that other minor parties can gain collective powers at the parliament. Two party only parliament never works and the evidence is plenty from other countries.

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